How We Wear it: that boring v-neck sweater

Feb 28, 2013

So I teamed up with S of Ain't No Mom Jeans in order to try out different ways to style a plain, boring v-neck sweater. At first I was thinking, ONE v-neck sweater is sad looking and I think I wore it maybe 5 years agoHow will I make this work??  (sshhh. I didn't tell S that though, b/c I didn't want her to think I'm a styling wuss). I tried it on with a couple looked awful. Soooo I tried it with a couple other things and it totally worked! 
over a shirt dress: Old Navy chambray shirt dress // BR v-neck sweater// Cottage Chic red clutch // F21 leggings // SM leopard print flats
nerdy chic: eye-wear // Old Navy gingham button-up // BR v-neck // Joe's denim // INPINK ring // Old Navy booties

...but wait! This is just part of the post. The rest can be found, and probably the better half of it, on ANMJ.
Not only's a also a link-up! Yessss-aah! I know, it's your favorite thing to do on a Friday. 
T.G.I.A.L.P. thank God it's a linky party. :)
If you have ever ever styled a v-neck into an outfit...share here (or on ANMJ!) via the linky tool below.
1. send your pic to either me or S via e-mail
2. upload it to LiM's fbook 
3. use Instagram and use the hashtag: #howwewearit. 
As you share, we'll both be keeping our posts up to date. 
It's going to be fuuunnnn. 
All I know is...I now find myself reaching for my once lonely v-neck more often. I'm not sad about it either.


  1. I love these outfits! It probably helps that chambray and gingham are two of my favorites :) I wouldn't have thought to layer a V neck over a shirt dress, and it looks adorable!

    I'm going to have to see if I can dig up a V neck sweater and join...


  2. you always put together the sweetest outfits!
    red lipstick looks AMAZING on you! xoxox

  3. I bought those same Old Navy booties--so many compliments and only $20! You're looking fabulous!

    --Colour Me Classic

  4. I love the second outfit, and I have the checkered shirt in bright blue! I have a boring, navy, v-neck gap sweater that I hardly ever wear because I think it makes me look like an old lady. I'll have to try these ideas out and bring it out of my closet! Thanks a bunch!

  5. What a fun post! I love the first outfit with the skirt dress! Now you've got me wanting to search my archives...if I come across anything I'll link up!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  6. love the combinations and everthing looks great on you


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