Style it: GAP 1969 Original Fit Jeans

May 1, 2013

I thought I'd fall in love with the GAP boyfriend jeans...was pretty sure I would actually. After seeing them on ITCWC, Halle Berry, & Atlantic Pacific...I was absolutely certain I couldn't go wrong with a pair. 

Errhmmm. Nope. Not so. 

I tried them on and instantly knew it was a big fat no. I felt like I could stuff two watermelons down each pant leg and no one would know the difference. I even went down a size!...and they still looked off. So that was the end of my boyfriend jean fantasies. Ha.

Now, the Original fit...perfect. There's just enough of a relaxed look to them (w/o being too baggy), the style proves to be versatile and the length is spot on- even for this tall girl. 

So...if the boyfriend jeans don't end up being your cup of tea, I suggest you try Original fit. I think you'll be pleased! :) 

1. Wallis blazer / ZARA high heel sandal
2. UO tunic, similar / Bandalino wedges, similar
3. Marshall's top, similar / Lily Dawson Designs necklace / RL satchel / JCP ballet flats, similar


  1. I'm going to try the original fit. I tried the boyfriend jeans on and didn't like them either. I love Gap jeans and I wear their maternity 1969s, great fit!!!

  2. these look awesome on you!

  3. lol it definitely happens that way sometimes. There has been plenty of times when customers want to try the sexy boyfriend jeans and they just do not work out. I always suggest to try Our original fit jeans. It's another go to boy jean that works for some people. I love that wash of the original fit but they do not look good on me. They are HUGE!!! I wish they did :-(

    With love,

  4. ooooo favorite is the black top on the right. So cute w the distressed jeans.

  5. These are great jeans! Love the way you styled them!


  6. i was just telling steve i need new jeans! i will have to try these out! happy may, camille! xoxo

  7. belinda chapaisMay 1, 2013 at 3:51 PM

    look great as always! and I LOVE my new Henri Lou bracelet!!! Thank you!

  8. I'm SO with you on Gap's boyfriend jean. It's! A few years back Gap made this amazing jean, the "Easy Straight" & I'm obsessed. Of course they no longer make it. But now I'm tempted to try the Original fit.

  9. Love your looks! Especially the easy feel of the tunic :) And for some reason I thought I was already following your blog..apparently I just visit alot. But you now have another "official" bloglovin' follower ;) Keep up the fun!

  10. this is a fit I have yet to try, but you make it seem worth it! I really love all the three looks you styled, I can't even decide which one is my favorite...

  11. I am loving your blog!! You are incredibly gorgeous in the flesh and on this blog! Can't wait until I put Charlie down for bed so I can do some more reading! Loved meeting you and Kallah today! Hope to see you soon!


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